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Counter Strike: Global Offensive DFS Picks (10/23/20) - DraftKings, Daily Fantasy

Welcome back, RotoBallers, to another edition of my Counter Strike: Global Offensive DFS picks. As always, I will do my best to give you the stats and info you need to build the best lineups possible for your GPP and cash game CS:GO contests on DraftKings.

Today I'll be bringing you my Counter Strike: Global Offensive DFS lineup picks, analysis, and advice for eSports DFS contests on DraftKings for Friday, October 23rd, 2020 at 7:00 AM.

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DreamHack Open Fall 2020

Best of 3 Series

  • Heroics (-165) vs. BiG (+120)
  • Fnatic (-170) vs. NiP (+125)
  • North (+155) vs. FaZe (-215)
  • Vitality vs. Astralis 
  • Godsent (+130) vs. G2 (-175)


Captain Picks

NiKo- The FaZe captain has had a really good showing in this event and carries one of the higher match ratings on the slate. NiKo is moderately priced at $7,800 and has one of the higher DK averages on the slate (68.8 DK points). Throughout the Dreamhack event, NiKo has accrued a 1.22 K/D ratio and carries a .81 kill per round rate while having a low .66 death per round rate.

Device- One of the top Astralis players checks in at $7,600 which makes it extremely tough to pass up on device on this slate. While he hasn't been in his usual top form like we are accustomed too, he is carrying a 1.09 K/D ratio throughout the Dreamhack event while also having a 1.09 match rating. device has found success against Vitality in 2020 as he has had a +82 K/D differential and a 1.39 K/D ratio in 13 maps against them.

cadiaN- A lower owned option for tournaments on this slate could be cadiaN. He is $7,400 and has had a great showing during the Dreamhack event as he has averaged 78.25 DK points in his four matches that he has played. Over the 13 maps played, he has developed a 1.22 K/D ratio while having a .72 kill per round rate and a .59 death per round rate.cadiaN has done well against BiG in 2020 as he has accrued a 1.11 K/D ratio in 12 maps played which is very encouraging if looking for a Heroic play.

Other Picks: es3tag, niko, huNter-, kennyS


Value Picks

broky- AnotherFaZe player that is certainly in play is broky. He has done very well in the Dreamhack event as he has had a K/D ratio of 1.12 throughout 13 maps played while having a .69 kills per round rate. In the most recent match against North, broky had himself a game as he had a +27 K/D differential and finished with 70 kills and a 1.26 match rating.

dupreeh- One of the better value plays on the slate is dupreeh. He is just $6,800 and has hit 70+ DK points in three of the four matches he has played during this event. dupreeh has had a 1.15 K/D ratio over 11 maps played and has a strong .74 kill per round rate. dupreeh has faced Vitality on 13 maps so far during 2020 and has garnered a 1.24 K/D ratio during that 13 map span.

nawwk- If looking for a lower-priced tournament play, look no further than nawwk. nawwk has had a very good event as he ranks fifth with a 1.19 match rating and leads NiP with a 1.36 K/D ratio over 13 maps played. nawwk has had a great .80 kill per round rate while having a low .59 death per round rate which makes him an ideal type of play in all formats.

Other Picks: coldzera, dupreeh, TeSeS, tabseN, XANTARES, REZ


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Team Stacks

Astralis has been rolling along in the tournament and get a tough challenge against Vitality in the upper final round on Friday. Astralis has a 13-5-3 all-time record against Vitality and has won two straight matches against them within the last two months. Both squads had eight wins throughout the event with Astralis having a tad bit tougher competition leading up to this matchup. With Astralis having recent success against Vitality and as winners of their last five matches, they look to be in a great spot to mini stack. The usual suspects are in play for Astralis like dupreeh, device,  and es3tag with Magisk being a lower owned stacking option.

Heroic has found some success throughout the event as they have gone 8-5 with a team K/D ratio of 1.11. They draw a tough matchup against BiG who has been one of the best teams throughout the summer and this should be a tight matchup. Both teams have won three out of their last five matches and are tied at 9-9 in an all-time head to head record. Heroic looks to have the map advantage as they have a higher winning percentage on four of the seven playable tournament maps over the last three months of games played so that is certainly a factor to look at. The top players for Heroic throughout this event have been stavn,  cadiaN, and TeSeS as they all have had K/D ratios above 1.15. If you're looking for another option, niko is viable as well but has only produced a 1.05 K/D ratio throughout 13 maps played in the event.

*The Heroic vs. BiG matchup looks to be close so it would also be best to make a BiG stack to hedge this matchup.

Other Picks: FaZe, G2


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