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ADP Draft Sleepers Tool - Quickly Find Draft Day Gems

RotoBaller Premium Subscribers can click here to access the ADP Draft Sleepers Tool.

RotoBaller’s ADP Draft Sleepers Tool is a powerful yet simple tool that can help you unearth fantasy baseball gems on draft day. It's a sleek tool that's easy to use, and will have a huge effect on your draft selections and help you make great picks.

Just select a player from the drop-downs, and boom! We’ll quickly show you a bunch of other MLB players at that position who are projected to produce similar fantasy values in 2019, but will be much easier and cheaper to scoop up in your fantasy drafts. Use this along with our Draft Kit, and you'll be crushing  your competition on draft day. But pictures are easier than words, so let's take a look at how this all works.


Show Me the Draft Day Money

Only one person in your draft got Chris Sale last year, and they paid a lot to get him with an early round draft pick or big auction dollars. But you could have drafted similar players for much cheaper, and later in your drafts, while getting similar fantasy production. Guys like Blake Snell and Trevor Bauer.

This is what we call ADP arbitrage - paying less to get a similar amount, and making a draft day profit on your picks. And this is one great critical factor to winning your fantasy baseball leagues.

So who are these secret value players and draft day sleepers? Take a look at an example below from this year and see for yourself. After missing out on Cody Bellinger in the draft, you may still want a corner infielder. But didn't sweat it. You simply select Bellinger from the drop-down list, and the tool displays other similar options for you to consider instead.


 Your secret weapon on draft day

As you can see, Eugenio Suarez, Joey Votto, Jose Abreu, Joey Gallo, Justin Turner and Mike Moustakas all have lower ADPs than Bellinger, so they are generally available later in your drafts. And while they may not fully reach Bellinger's projected production, most will provide a decent amount of it - if not the same amount, or more.

Moustakas can be drafted ~five to 10 rounds later on average, and provide 80-90% of Bellinger's projected production - if not the same amount, or more.

Our premium ADP Draft Sleepers tool makes this decision making process fast and easy for you, helping you identify other viable options quickly.


Importance of Draft Day Sleepers

Many fantasy baseball drafts are won in the middle and later rounds, and this applies to standard, head-to-head, auction and other league formats. These middle and late rounds are where we can draft MLB players that others aren't as high on, but can return a great fantasy values for the amount we spend on them.

We're talking about rookies/prospects, 2nd year players, players on new teams, veterans returning from injuries, and guys who have generally been making progress in their careers and may be on the verge of a breakout season.

Remember Blake Snell, Trevor Bauer, Patrick Corbin, David Peralta, Gleyber Torres and Mitch Haniger from last year? Those guys produced much more value for fantasy owners than the investments made on draft day, and helped people win leagues. Just ask people who drafted Bauer for $2 in their auction draft, or Snell in the 15th round of their snake draft, and ended up with a top-10 starting pitcher for the year.

Find those players with our premium tool, draft them, and thank us later.


Start Preparing to Crush Your Draft

Our ADP Draft Sleepers tool is a Premium Tool, and is only available for RotoBaller's Premium Subscribers. Don't forget that the tool is built and available for all positions, so you can use it for any draft day situation for hitters or starting pitchers.

It also comes bundled with our Premium Draft Kit (including premium tiered rankings), powered by RotoBaller's best and brightest staff including the #1 overall accuracy expert Nick Mariano. As always, if you aren't satisfied, just let us know and we'll give you a refund.

Crushing  your competition on draft day will increase your chances significantly of making a run at the league title. So let's win some leagues!